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Sunday, August 29, 2010

And…Its all Gone

1. Living ‘smuggled’ for more than a year and a half
2. Eating ‘Auntie’s tiffins’
3. Tiffins which had grass instead of ‘palak’ in ‘palak-paneer’
4. Stealing onions from each other’s tiffin and blaming on the third
5. Getting accused of all the mishappenings in Bunglow Road, even if innocent
6. Winning, or rather getting 2 sets of ‘glass’ glasses after eating chocolate for a survey
7. Waiting for Ankush to not to wake up to go to the college (he waiting for me)
8. Getting used to 2 holidays in a week
9. Won’t shave, even if we look like primitives
10. Keeping a wallet-full of SIM cards and less of money
11. Fighting over the newspaper
12. Waiting for the other person to come out of the toilet
13. Playing radio at full volume in the morning to wake everybody up
14. Those kickass one-liner song remixes of Shubham
15. Not caring to brush our teeth in order to catch the bus(Blueline – 816) when late
16. Watching films at AMBA for Rs35 only
17. Stealing Tube lights and CFLs from shops at midnight
18. Rushing to Satyawati just before closing time(12am) for Maggie
19. Roaming aimlessly in Kamla Nagar
20. Spending hours sitting outside PUMA checking out gals, aunties and bhabhis
21. Cursing the Choumin-wala for the chilli, but still eating everyday
22. Checking out everything in a shop, and in the end not buying it because wallets were ever empty
23. Wallets having every thing except money
24. Eating paan and getting ‘high’
25. Planting MJ to save money
26. Burning landlady’s furniture (lying on the terrace, unused) to cook Maggie and heat chicken which I brought from Lucknow.
27. Urinating in landlady’s house by standing on top of the roof of the stairs leading to the terrace
28. Fighting for the TV remote and channel
29. Surfing aimlessly at Sood’s
30. Going to Patel Chest to have Parathas at Chaudhary for dinner at 3am
31. Eating ‘Diet’ @ Rs. 25 till the owner asks to stop at Chaudhary (Patel Chest)
32. Eating 18 rotis in a ‘diet’ at Chaudhary
33. Surviving only on ‘Tang’ for a month
34. Going to the Ridge at midnight and getting holed up by monkeys and dogs for an hour and a half
35. Asking for Maggie from the girls of the hostel (Sarv Mangla) opposite our flat
36. Chandra (Dhaba owner), picking up only Varun’s phone
37. Everyone eating food out of one utensil
38. Cooking Chicken in a pressure cooker until it became soup and eating the bones with roti
39. 7 people (Rahul, Ankush, Amar, Shailesh, Varun, Maarisha and Faiz) eating 2kgs Chicken, Rice and 80 rotis (40 Tawa roti and 40 Tandoori)… And the remaining ‘soup’ was again ‘eaten’ at midnight*-Cooking chicken in a pressure cooker of a pure vegetarian landlady
40. Using dough to seal the lid of a pressure cooker
41. Cooking Maggie with an ‘immersion rod’ when the burner got spoiled
42. Eating Maggie by dipping it into lemonade
43. Using ‘Sodexho’ Meal passes to buy butter, bun, and namkeen for dinner when no one had money
44. The ‘Chappal’ fights
45. Throwing bottles and newspapers on fan
46. The ‘Mystery Theif’
47. Utensils rotting but no one taking the initiative of washing them except Shubham
48. The only person to take proper care of the flat: Shubham. We owe him a lot ;)
49. Maarisha living ‘smuggled’ with
50. Knowing that

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